How to get setup on Google Hangouts


For the best experience with Google Hangout video calls:

  • Use Chrome as your web browser.
  • Have your computer plugged into the internet with an ethernet cable 

Setting up Google Hangouts for the first time

  1. Log into your APU Gmail account at

  2. Click on the following link to join a test Hangout:

  3. If you were able join test Hangout then continue to bullet point 4 below. If you can’t Join, please call the IMT Support Desk at (626) 815-5050 for additional help.

  4. Test to make sure your microphone, webcam, and speakers are working properly: Click on the settings gear on the black bar across the top of the Hangout window. Note, you may have to wiggle your mouse around the inside of the Hangout window to get the black bar to show up.


    1. Webcam Test: If you can see yourself on screen, your webcam is working. If not, click on the camera drop down, to select a different camera and try again.

    2. Microphone Test: While speaking loudly near your mic, check to see if you have smallgreen dots next next to the Microphone drop down (see pic below). If not, click on the microphone drop down list to select a different mic and try again.


    3. Speaker test:Click on the Play test sound link. If you can hear the ringing sound, your speakers are working correctly. If not, click on the speakers drop down list to select different speakers and try again



If you were able to get join the video call and verify that your Webcam, Microphone, and speakers are working properly, then you are ready to participate in any Hangout video call going forward. It’s always best practice to show up 10 minutes early for your first Hangout to make sure everything is working properly and to help troubleshoot any last minute problem that may arise with your classmates.





Last Updated: 11/12/15

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