How to create a group in Gmail Contacts

Creating a Contacts group in Gmail


1) Go to your Gmail Contacts


2) Click on the “New Group…” option


3) You will be prompted to name the group, name it whatever best describes it and its purpose


4) The group will now appear in your contact list


5) To add people to the created group, first click on the group, then, in the upper part of the screen there is a person with a small “+” next to it, when you click this, you will be able to add people. You can search for them by name or by email address; once you have found all those whom you wish to add to the group, click the “Add” button.


6) To send emails you have a couple options. The first is to select all of the group members, in the top left there is a check box


7) Check that, and you will have selected all members of the group, a little envelope will appear, which is the email option, click that and it will bring up a composition dialogue box


8) Alternately, you can check individually those members of the group you wish to send an email to, then click the email envelope once you have selected all the members you wish to include


9) The last method is done straight from the composition dialogue box, so first you will need to open a new email by clicking the compose button


10) From there you will enter the name of the group in the addressee box




Last Updated: 11/12/15

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