APUNEWS Gmail Filter

Filter-Creation Process for managing APU News in Gmail 


1) Go to your Gmail inbox, and access “settings.”



2) Once you click settings, you will be brought to the page with a number of tabs, select “Filters.”



3) When you are in the “Filters” tab, scroll down to the bottom and select “Create a new filter”



4) From here you can customize which messages will be affected by the filter.



5) Once you have filled this in as much, or as little, as you desire, go ahead and click the “Create filter with this search” button in the bottom right corner.



6) Next you will choose what the filter does to the messages it catches. Including what labels you may want to associate with them, by clicking the “Choose label” box and either assigning one that already exists, or making a new one.





7) Once you have finished this, simply click the blue “Create filter” button, and you are finished. If you created a new label, you should see it to the left of your inbox, and the filter will appear in your “Filters” tab as well.




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