How do I add a Hangout video call in Google Calendar

How to add a Google Hangout video call to your meeting / event

  1. Go to Google Calendar and create a meeting by clicking the Azusa_Pacific_University_-_Calendar.png button at top left of your screen
  2. After you’ve filled out all the details, click Add video call. 

  3. Google Calendar suggests a name for your video call, but you can change it to anything you want! Click Change name, type a new video call name, and then press Enter.


    Keep your video call name short (under 15 characters), unique, and easy to type for others who are joining. (Note that Calendar doesn’t recognize spaces or capitalization, so if you name your meeting “Legal Review”, the video call name will be “legal-review”.)  

    - If you create a video call that has the same name as a coworker’s, you can end up in the same call. Use your team, project, username, or a combination to create a unique name.

  4. Press Save to send your event invitation to your guests

protip2.png Guests that are outside of the domain must be invited to the Hangout through Google Calendar or by clicking the Google__Hangouts.png button inside the Hangout

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