How do I start a group Hangout in Gmail?

How do I start a group hangout in gmail


There are two different types of Google hangouts: Group Video Calls and Group Chat. These directions will work for either one


Starting a new group Hangout:

1) Make sure the hangout section is open, by clicking the conversation bubble with quotation marks, when it is open, click the magnifying glass

2) search for people by name or email, select them

3) Once you have selected those you want to invite, click Video call

4) Once you’ve done that, a Google hangout dialogue box will open. From here you can still add people to the hangout by using the button that looks like a silhouette of someones head with a “+” sign next to it. You can also click what looks like a little building.

5) This will open a box which will allow you to invite other people






Last Updated: 07/30/15

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