How to change my Gmail Display Name

Changing your Gmail Display Name


Your account name will be based on whichever name you provided when the account was created. For APU users, it will be based on your legal name, a requirement set by APU. However, you might go by another name than your legal name, and want to change your Gmail name to reflect that. Here is how to change the name that will be displayed when you send email.

1) Go to settings

1) Go to settings

2) Once you have accessed the settings, go to the Accounts tab

3) Find the section labeled “Send mail as:” It will have your current name, as well as your email address. Go to the right side and click the “edit info” link

4) This will bring up a dialogue box, where you will be able to enter a name. Put in the name you prefer to go by, and click “Save Changes”





Last Updated: 07/30/15

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