Posting to limited audiences in Google+


1) Access Google+


2) Look for the “Share what’s new” box. When you click on the box, it will stand out a little from the rest of your Google+ page


3) You can add photos

Either from your computer, or if you have backed them up with Google photos, or on the Drive


4) You can tag people, start typing their name, and if they are in your circles, or in your email contacts a list will begin to be populated


5) To limit who can see your post click on the “To:” section, which by default is a green “Public” icon, once you click on “To:” a dropdown list will appear, and you can select which audiences will be able to view your post


6) On the right side of the “To:” box, there is a dropdown arrow where you can limit aspects of the post.


7) When you are finished adding what you want, click the green “Share” button




Last Updated: 11/12/15


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