Hangouts and Google+ support information

Support will be best effort.

IMT cannot provide immediate in person support for any issues you may be having with Hangouts or Google+. However, we will provide best effort support by helping you with information and articles related to your use of the services.

If you report issues with Google+ or Hangouts, such as trouble creating a profile, posting to the stream, or creating a Hangout, IMT Support Desk  will help to troubleshoot them as best we can. If necessary, we’ll report the issue to the Google. However, we can’t provide any updates or expected resolution times, as we would for core services.

Remember as well, that Hangouts Video Calls are for general use webcam conferencing with personal devices, and work best when each person is in front of their own device in a separate location. We have also been partnering with academic leads to plan for other technologies to better support classroom-based (room to room) conferencing, which has unique needs not covered by Hangouts.

If you have a special event that requires recording, broadcasting, or conferencing related needs not intended for Google Hangouts, you can complete a Media Event Request.


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Last Updated: 11/12/15

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