Hangouts Checklist - Video calls

Here are some handy tips as you prepare for a Google Hangout 

  1. Quiet location. – Cut down as much background noise as possible.
  2. Turn off and silence all phones. – Just like going to the movies.
  3. This is a video chat, install a video camera. Not the end of the world - If a webcam isn't available Google will display your profile picture.
  4. If multiple people are in the same room consider using only one computer. Using multiple computers with multiple microphones will create feedback and distract from the meeting.
  5. Use a external mic if possible, even a iPhone headset works fine… as both the mic and headphones.
  6. Good front lighting. – You don’t want a shadow on your face.
  7. Google Hangouts work on computers, cell phones and tablets with the Hangouts App. The best connection is a Ethernet cable rather than wifi. Otherwise the fastest wifi connection possible. – Better connection, better video quality.
  8. Small movements on camera. – Don’t make fast, jittery movements.
  9. You will be on camera so please dress appropriately.
  10. Think about your background. – A blank white wall behind you is boring.
  11. Arrive early. – Everyone involved with the Hangout should arrive early so you can make sure everything is setup and working properly and discuss the flow of the Hangout.

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Last Updated: 11/12/15

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