Google Apps on an Android Phone

How to Sync Google Apps with Android

1) Using two fingers, drag down on the screen from the top and select the Settings Gear

2) Scroll down until you see the “+ Add Account” option, and tap that.

4) To sync, you must already have an existing gmail account, so tap the “Existing” option that comes up

5) You will be prompted to login, do so using your Email and Password.

6) Once you have logged into your gmail account, go to your accounts and tap the “Google” option

7) This will bring up all the google accounts you have logged into on your device. Select the appropriate one

8) This will bring up all the specific options you are able to sync from your Google account to your phone, select those you want synced, and deselect the ones you do not want synced





Last Updated: 07/24/15

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