Convert a Microsoft Office Document to a Google Doc

File conversion: Microsoft Office to Google Doc


There are a few ways of converting Microsoft Office files to Google Doc files. First, make sure the file is in your Drive. If it is not already, you can manually select and upload it, or simply drag and drop it from your folder to your Drive.


1a) one way is to select it and double click to preview it


1b) Next, there will be an “Open” button with a dropdown arrow, click that and select Google Docs, it will then be converted into a Google Doc Document, named the same thing as the Office document, and the original office document will remain in your drive


2) Another way is to select the file, and right click on it, next go to the “Open with” option, which will produce another dialogue box, and on that select the “Google Docs” option


3) The next way is to click to select the document, and going to the toolbar dropdown options, and selecting “Open with” and then choosing “Google Docs”


4) All of these will end with the same result: The Microsoft Office document being copied and converted into a Google Doc format



Last Updated: 11/12/15 

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