How to Communicate with Google Groups

How to communicate with Google Groups


There are two ways of doing this 


The first:

1) Go to your Google Groups. If you are using your gmail account, you will have to click on “More” to get to your groups. Once you have done that, click on and open the “Groups” option

2) Click on “My Groups”

3) Find and click on the group you want to contact

4) Click “New Topic”

5) Put in a subject, and write out the message, then click “Post”

Alternately, you can send out a group-wide email from gmail

1) From your gmail window, click “compose”.  In the “To” box, type in the name of your group, and a list will populate, click on the appropriate group. Fill in the subject line and write the message. Then click send, and it will be an email sent to your group.






Last Updated: 08/04/15

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