How to Customize your Google Forms

This is for users who are already somewhat familiar with Google Forms, if you need any help getting started you can look here:

How to Customize your Google Forms

1) Progress bars

It can be helpful to let those responding to your form know how much is left. To active this feature, under “Form Settings” find and check the “Show progress bar at the bottom of form page” box


2) Data validation

Data verification can be useful for a number of things, including gathering email addresses for respondents. To require data verification, first, the question type must be text. Once you have selected that as the question type go down to advanced settings and check the data validation box. There are a few options, but let’s say, for example, that you want to gather email addresses from people. In the drop down box directly below the data validation option, you would select “Text” and the one next to that you would select “Email address”. You can make it a required question, as well as choose an alert that will occur should they improperly fill out the text box.


3a) Embed YouTube Videos

Sometimes, while asking questions, in an online quiz for example, you will want to reference a video of some sort, rather than try to direct students to the particular video you want them to watch, you can imbed one directly in your form. To do this select “Insert” at the top of the screen, and select “Video” from the drop down list that appears


3b) You will be prompted to add the URL of the video, alternatively you can use the “Video search” option, but if you know the URL, it is easier to simply use that. After you’ve typed it in, you can click “Select”


3c) You can make questions related to the video, whatever you’d like


4a) Closing the form

On the toolbar at the top, in the Responses section, you can see whether or not your form is accepting responses, or not accepting responses, as well as open/close the form. Whichever is displayed is what is it doing, to open/close a form, click that option



4b) When you have closed a form, and you go to the form in Google Forms, you will see an alert at the top of the page notifying you that the form has been turned off and is no longer accepting responses.


4c) If you, as the editor of the form, view the live form, this is what will appear, with a link to resume collecting responses (Open the form)

4d) If anyone else attempts to access the form while it is closed they will see exactly what you see, with the exception of them not being able to open the form again





Last Updated: 11/12/15

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