How to manage Google Forms

1) Access your drive via the Google Apps grid. Note: your Drive icon placement may differ, but it will be in the apps section

2) Create a Form

3) Once you have created it, you can open it up and share it so that people can fill it out (but you might want to save that until you have finished making the form.

 4) You can share the link by copying and pasting, or directly to sites such as Google+, Facebook, or Twitter, as well as via email

5) When you first enter the form there are a number of options to choose from in the Form Settings section. Select any or all that you desire.

6) The next section deals with the form itself. The Title, Description of its purpose, and the questions you want to have answered. You can make a question mandatory by checking the “Required questions” check-box.

7) In the “Question Type” drop-down box you can select which type of question you would like to ask.

8) If you desire to edit a question after you have moved on, hover your mouse over the question and a little pencil icon will appear. Click the icon and you can edit it.


9) If you want to add another question, click the “Add item” button


10) The next section, “Confirmation page” determines what the responder will see once they complete the form

11) You can also change the theme of the form by going to the top toolbar and clicking the “Change theme” button

Accessing the form once completed

1) When accessing the form from your drive you will have two options. They look similar, because they are both green, but the naming gives them away, as well as a difference in icon. The form you created will be named “FORM NAME” and it will be a Google Forms Document. The responses to your form will be a Google Sheet Document, and will be named “FORM NAME (Responses)".


2) By accessing the Forms Document you will be taken to your forms page, where you can edit it any way you desire

3) By accessing the Responses Sheet Document, you will be taken to the response page, you can also get there from the Forms Document page, by clicking the “View Responses” button on the top toolbar


4) On the responses sheet page you will have a worksheet with any information you requested from those filling out the form. (Timestamp for when they submitted it, email, name, answers, etc.)


5) If you have permission, you can go back to the form to edit it from the sheet. Go to “Form” at the top toolbar, and click “Edit Form”

6) You can set notifications by going to “Tools” on the top toolbar, and selecting “Notification Rules”

7) You can see a response breakdown by clicking “Form” on the top toolbar and selecting “Show summary of Responses”

8) You can format the sheet however you like, to a degree, by going up to the column title (It will be a letter by default) and clicking the little drop-down arrow


9) You can share the responses by going to the top right corner of the page and clicking the blue “share” button

10) You can also download or print the Sheet by going to “file” and either “Download as” which will provide you with a number of options, or select “print” if you like







Last Updated: 07/21/15

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