Creating a Folder in Google Drive

1) Go to Google Drive


2) In the upper left corner, click the “NEW” button and then click “Folder” naming it whatever you like


3) Once you have created the folder you can add things to it by dragging and dropping the item. Either scrolling through the main Drive folder, or when you begin to drag-and-drop something, your folders appear on the left side of the screen.


4) You also have the “Move to…” drop down dialogue box option if you don’t want to drag and drop your file


5) Which will give you a dialogue box with all your folders to choose where you want to move your file to


6) You can also share folders


7) You can either enter an email address, or get the link manually, you can also decide the level of access they have to what you are sharing with them





Last Updated: 11/12/15

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