How to create Recurring Appointments in Google Calendar

How to create Recurring Appointments in Google Calendar

1) Access Google Calendar

2) Click the red “Create” button on the top left side of the screen

3) Just below the Save button, and the time of the event there is a box you can check to have an event repeat, check this box

4) It will bring up a repeat schedule dialogue box, you have a number of options for how frequently to repeat the event, and particular days of the week, as well as when the repetition should begin and end.

5) The drop down arrow gives you a number of options for repetition

6) As well as choosing weekly, bi-weekly, every four weeks (if you’re doing that, you could just as well select “Monthly”

7) Once you have selected all the particulars you desire, you can click save. Do not worry if you want to rid yourself of an event for any reason. Simply click on the calendar event and click “Delete

8) If the event is not a solitary event, and has been set to recur you will have three choices. The information provided is pretty sufficient, and when you click on a calendar event you are only altering THAT event (which also means any repeated events that it performs). These are the options you will be given if you choose to delete a recurring event

Only this instance: Deletes the single event, none before, and none after

All following: Deletes the currently selected event and all that are scheduled to happen after it

All events in the series: Deletes all events, the one selected, all before, and all after







Last Updated: 08/06/15

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