How to navigate the new Google Compose Window

1) Open a new email message by clicking the “Compose” button, or using the shortcut “c” 


2) To: You choose who to address the email to

From: *NOTE* This is only available if you have permission to send emails on behalf of another account - where you choose who is send the message

Cc: Carbon Copy - sends a copy to the addressee as well as this address, both recipients can see the Cc address

Bcc: Blind Carbon Copy - sends a copy to the addressee as well as this address. The Bcc address can see the “To” address, but the “To” address cannot see the “Bcc” address

Subject: Topic of the email

Body: The textual body of the email

Font style: Change via the underlined “A” icon at the bottom

Attachments: Add via the paperclip icon at the bottom

Add a link: The chain link icon near the bottom


3) In the top right corner there is a two-sided arrow, this will enlarge and pop out the composition window. In the bottom right corner, next to the trash can, there is a dropdown arrow with additional options. When finished you can send the message by clicking “send” or using the keyboard commands (on Windows) Ctrl+S or (on Mac) Command+Enter



Last Updated: 11/12/15

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