How to Create a Voting Form

How to create a voting form 

1) Go to Google Drive

2) In the top left corner, click the red “New” button, go down to more and hover your mouse over that selection. Another drop-down will appear, select and click “Google Forms”

3) At the top, there will be  the “Form Settings” option, depending on who you want to have access to this form, as well as what information you want collected for the poll will determine which boxes you check. In order to not allow people to vote multiple times (and therefore skew the results) you will want to check the “Only allow one response per person” box.


4) The section immediately below the “Form Settings” will be labeled “Page # of #”. The first box is going to be the name of the form. Then what you would like to ask. Under question type there are numerous choices you can select, including, but not limited to: Checkboxes, Choose from a list, Multiple Choice, and several other options. Choose which is best for how you will be using the form.


Here is an example of what the live form will look like once it is completed (as it has been above)

5) In order to keep the voters from editing responses, and therefore altering the results after they’ve voted, keep unchecked the “Allow responders to edit responses after submitting” When you are finished click “Send Form”

6) A dialogue box will appear, and you will have the option to copy and paste the link, share it via social media, or send an email (including a group email)

7) Then you are finished, the results of the poll will appear as a Google Sheets document in your Google drive with the same name as was given to the Google Form

8) From the Google Form you have created you can also view the responses, or view live form, which allows you to see what someone taking the poll will see, and edit accordingly if need be







Last Updated: 08/05/15

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