How to create an appointment in Google Calendar


1) Access your Google Calendar


2) Click on the time and date on your calendar you want the appointment to appear, select “Appointment slots” the top, and then click “Edit event”


3) Select the Calendar you want the appointments to be put in, below that is the URL to share with people so they can sign up for and select times for appointments. You can also add guests via email rather than sharing the event URL. You can give a Title to the appointments, as well as select how long the time blocks should be, whether it should be a single appointment slot, or a number of them throughout the day. Where the appointments will be located, and a description for them.


4) If you choose to add people via email, this is what they will receive in the email, and they can choose whether or not they will be accepting. If they choose yes, the event will automatically be added to their calendar



Last Updated: 11/12/15

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