How to Share through Google Docs


  1. Quickly share multiple documents

  2. Modify access for a collection of documents, instead of changing that setting individually.


  1. In the Google Drive Home page, select the folder you’d like to share, and from the ‘More’ drop down menu, select ‘Share’ and then ‘Share’ again.

  2. Here, you will manually input the emails of the individuals who have access to this folder.
  3. To change the amount of access they have, select ‘Can Edit’, and choose whether they can edit the folder and documents, or only see the content within.
  4. If you’d like to make it a community folder, so the entire university has access to it, you can change the privacy settings by going to the 'Advanced' settings, and selecting ‘Change’.

  5. When you input an email address to share the document or folder with, you will be given the option to write a message that will be sent alongside the notification they will receive after having the document or folder shared with them.

  6. When you make a document in a shared folder, Google will automatically ask if you’d like to continue making a document that will be shared.

  7. You can upload files by selecting the upload icon next to the ‘Create’ button and upload files straight from your desktop into the shared folder.

  8. You can add files from your drive into the shared folder by selecting the file, hold down the mouse button, bringing it to the folder and releasing the mouse button.

For a video tutorial, please click HERE

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