How to organize 'Follow Up's for sending Emails

There are times when you receive an email that you either don’t have time to reply to immediately, or don’t have the information required to adequately answer a question posed to you, so you are waiting until you have the proper information, or for some other reason you get an email that you want (or need) to reply to, but don’t necessarily want to reply to immediately. To make it easier to keep track of these emails, and also to make sure you don’t forget about them, and don’t forget to reply to them, here is a handy tool to help you remember them.


1) Select the email(s) that you want to reply to later by checking the box on the left, and then going to the tag-like icon and clicking on that, it allows you to apply labels to items. Either by making a new label, or applying an existing label to it.


2) You can name the label “Follow up” or whatever will help you remember. Once you’ve done that you also have the option to “Nest” the label under an already existing label. When you nest something, you are essentially putting it in a subfolder within the label under which is it “nested”


3) When you want to remove a label from a message check the box to the left of the message and click “Remove label”


4) To access a nested item, you have to first click on the little arrow next to the label it is nested under, which will open a dropdown and you will be able to select which nested label you would like to look at.

NOTE: When you nest the “test” label in the “Follow up” label, you will not be able to see messages with the “test” label by going to the “Follow up” label, it is the parent label, but you must go to the specific nested label to find the message





Last Updated: 11/12/15

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