How to work with Nested Labels

There are two ways to add a label to an email


1) The first is by checking the box on the left side of the message, and either selecting an existing label, or creating a new one


2) The second is by opening the message you desire to label, and then clicking the add label button, and choosing an existing label, or creating a new one


If you have an email that has been mislabeled, or you simply want to remove a label from an email you can do that as well, much in the same way that you applied the label initially


1) You can either select the message and an option will appear near the top of the screen to “Remove label”

2) Or you can open the message, and at the top, adjacent to the subject of the message will be the labels that have been applied to the message, of those that have been applied there will be a small “X” on the right side of the label. Click on those to remove the label from the message


If you have a number of emails that you would like to add labels to (or remove them) you can mass select, and apply labels in bulk


1) In the upper left side of your gmail, directly above the messages there will be a little box with a drop down arrow, click the box and it will select all messages in the current folder. For additional selection options you can click the dropdown arrow. Once you have selected them click the add label button, and either select a current label, or create a new one.


2) To remove a label do the same thing, except instead of adding the label via the add label dropdown, click the remove label button that will appear to the right of the select all box. Please note that if you have multiple labels applied to several messages, you are able to use the add label dropdown menu to (after you’ve selected the messages) remove the checkmark from the label you no longer want to be applied to those messages


NOTE: If you have a several emails in your inbox that you would like to add a particular label to (or remove one from) but you don’t want to add that particular label to all the emails in your inbox, you can select them one at a time via their check box on the left of the messages, and following the same steps outlined above.





Last Updated: 11/12/15

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