Locating a Cisco Phone MAC Address and IP Address

In order to assist in troubleshooting phone incidents, the IMT Support Desk may ask you to provide the  MAC Address and IP Address of your Cisco phone. The following instructions will guide you through the process of obtaining this information:

1. Access Settings

The settings button is located at the bottom right corner of the standard Cisco 7941/7942 phone however, it may be located in a different area if you are using a different phone.



2. Network Configuration

Once you are in your settings menu, you should be able to see the Network Configuration setting listed at number 2 of the menu.



3. IP Address and MAC Address

If you are looking for your MAC address, it will be listed in this sub-menu as the third listing. If you want to obtain your IP address, then you will need to select option 1 listed as IPv4 Configuration.



4. IP Address

If you are proceeding to obtain your IP address, after selecting IPv4 Configuration, you will see the the IP address displayed as the number 2 listing.


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