Configuring APU Gmail on Android

This article will walk the individual through setting up APU Gmail on an Android device.


**Please Note: Due to different iterations of Android the layout may be presented differently, however, the core process is the same.


1. From your Android device, scroll down from the Home Screen. Select the settings gear in the button left hand corner.



2. From the Accounts section, first select Add Account and then select Google.




3. The next screen will prompt you to type in your email address, type your entire APU email address, including the ending, then select next. You will then be prompted to continue to APU's CAS login page, select accept.




4. You will be prompted at the Sign In  page to enter your credentials, enter your APU NetID and your APU password.


NOTE: After signing in, you will be asked if you would like to backup your phone's data to your APU Google Drive, you can toggle yes or no for this option depending on if you want all of your phones data associated with your APU account (Note that the screenshot shows it toggled ON, but you can toggle this OFF).



5. Once you have signed in, return to the Accounts section, select your newly added Google Account, and you will be taken to the Accounts page.



6. On the Accounts page, select the account of which you want to change the Sync Settings.




7. On the Sync Settings page will be several options to select (to sync to your device) or deselect (to prevent syncing to your device).



8. Once you have selected or deselected all items you want synced, you are done!

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