Accessing Library Services for APU and University College (UC) Students

Description of Service

Library patron accounts are created weekly for new faculty, staff, and students. Expiration dates for all accounts are set for the beginning of the following semester (Spring, Summer, Fall). 

Authorized access is limited to current faculty, staff, students. Logging into various library services requires an active APU NetID account. If you are new to the APU community - or your APU NetID has recently changed, note that NetID will need to be updated within the library patron record database before you will be able to access any library services that require authentication. These updates are done weekly - or you may contact a library circulation desk coordinator directly to apply the update.

University College patrons - you must first login through the UC Library Resources Login page (link to access library resources page below). An additional PIN is required for your library account access (initial default is set to your UC ID #).

Library related notifications are sent to the patron's APU e-mail account - other contact information such as phone and mail address is updated monthly from preferences set by the student at the university level (not at the library).

Link to Service

**NOTE: University College Students: Click HERE to access library resources for Azusa Pacific University.



yes.jpg Faculty

yes.jpg Staff

yes.jpg Students

no.jpg Prospective Students

no.jpg Alumni

no.jpg Guests

Requesting Service

Any of the 3 library circulation desks (Marshburn on East Campus, Darling & Stamps on West Campus) will be able to review your library record. Note that for some library services, an existing fine may hinder you from further service until that is resolved.

Help for Service

If you are unable to authenticate into a library service please contact with your APU NetID so that we can confirm there is library patron record assigned with that ID.


Customer Responsibilities

 Please keep the University current with any changes to address or phone contact information since that will be reflected in the monthly updates to your library account.

Service Level Agreement


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