Computer Equipment

Description of Service

IMT provides computers for faculty, staff and temporary employees that are considered full-time as defined by the employee handbook.

Computers are also provided for student workers that meet specific requirements.

IMT also provides computers in the Marshburn, Darling, and Stamps libraries as well as several discipline-specific labs on both East and West campuses.

Link to Service


Requesting Service

If a department would like to request additional computer equipment, please visit the IMT Forms section for the most current form. 

Click here for more information about New Computer Requests.

Help for Service

Help for computer equipment may be found at Additional help can be coordinated through the IMT Support Desk.


yes.jpg Faculty

yes.jpg Staff

yes.jpg Students

no.jpg Prospective Students

no.jpg Alumni

no.jpg Guests

Customer Responsibilities

Supervisors should notify IMT at least 5 business days before a new employee starts to ensure computer equipment is available and ready. Not doing so could result in delays of computer preparation.

Service Level Agreement


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