APU Computer Repairs-University Owned Computer

Description of Service

IMT provides service for all university owned computers* that may include on site repairs by an IMT employee or contracted external repair person. IMT in some situations may need to take the equipment to our offices or send it off-campus for repair. 


*Note: If computers are bought outside of IMT's polices, this may not apply.

Link to Service

Requesting Service

Staff and faculty may request service by contacting the IMT Support Desk via phone at extension 5050, email to or through our self-service portal,

Help for Service

There are many help articles available in the “Get Answers” section of click here to access that section


yes.jpg Faculty

yes.jpg Staff


no.jpg Prospective Students

no.jpg Alumni

no.jpg Guests

Customer Responsibilities

Staff and faculty should take reasonable steps to protect their computer from accidental damage, and/or theft. If a computer is lost or stolen, please contact the IMT Support Desk and Campus Safety as soon as possible, in the case of theft a police report is necessary. Other damage or problems with the computer should be reported to the IMT Support Desk as soon as possible.

Service Level Agreement


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