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There are computer labs in all three of the libraries located on the Azusa campuses as well as the Cougar Dome located on East Campus. These labs contain Microsoft Windows computers. The computers will have a variety of software installed on them including but not limited to:

    • Microsoft Office
    • Peachtree Accounting Software
    • SPSS
    • EndNote
    • iTunes

Printing in both black and white and color are available in the libraries. To learn more about the print service - See the article: Pay for Print

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yes.jpg Faculty

yes.jpg Staff

yes.jpg Students

yes.jpg Prospective Students*

yes.jpg Alumni*

yes.jpg Guests**

*May access if they have a valid APU NetID

**Guest should contact the librarian on duty for access to lab machines via the guest log on. 

Requesting Service

Anyone with an APU or UC NetID can access the computers available in these labs. Guest may speak with a librarian to be granted access to lab computers. Some services will not be available for guests with UC NetIDs.

Help for Service

There is generally an IMT Student Tech located in the libraries with labs. Please consult the on-duty tech if one is not available please contact the IMT Support Desk.

Customer Responsibilities

        Customer should be prepared to provide proof of affiliation when requesting the use of a lab workstation.

Service Level Agreement


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