APU Wireless

Description of Service

The APU Wireless System is made up of three wireless networks. Each network will provide the best experience for each device type

Primary Wireless Network - APUWIFI (all caps)

Other Devices - APU-MYDEVICES

Guest wireless network - APU-GUEST

    • This network will provide temporary internet and network resources to guests visiting the university. 


Link to Service




yes.jpg Faculty

yes.jpg Staff

yes.jpg Students

yes.jpg Prospective Students

yes.jpg Alumni

yes.jpg Guests

Service available only on campus or at one of our regional centers to users with a valid APUNetID (or to guests via APU-GUEST)

Requesting Service

This service is available when visiting the Azusa campus or one of the regional centers. 

Help for Service

If you have any issues logging into APUWIFI please contact the IMT Support Desk

Connecting your Windows computer to APUWIFI:

Connecting your Mac computer to APUWIFI:

Connecting your Chrome OS computer to APUWIFI:

Access APU Guest Wifi:

APU/UC Wifi and Classroom Login:

Connecting your iOS Cell Phone to APUWIFI:

Connecting your Android Cell Phone to APUWIFI:

Customer Responsibilities

A valid APU NetID will be needed to connect to APUWIFI otherwise the APU-GUEST is available to those who do not have a NetID.  If not activated by default, users assume the responsibility to activate wireless on their wireless enabled device, including laptopsphones, or tablets.  APUWIFI is the only network which requires 802.1X authentication.

Users must familiarize themselves with the list of prohibited wireless devices, which cause degraded wireless service to others connected to WIFI.  


Service Level Agreement


Related Policy

Internet Use

Acceptable Use Policy
Network Account


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