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Description of Service 

Public Distribution Lists are email groups which provide a way for the University to communicate with its community members based on their affiliation.

Official distribution lists include the following:

  • APU Staff - full-time, part-time, and temporary

  • APU Faculty - full-time, part-time, and adjunct

  • APU Students - all students

There are also two informational distribution lists which are subscription based:

  • APU News - Faculty and Staff

  • 411 - Undergraduate Students

Link to Service

For subscription based email groups:

Requesting Service

Faculty, staff and students are added to official distribution lists upon APU Network Account activation and may not be removed.

Faculty and staff are initially added to the APU News group upon APU Network Account, but may opt-out. Likewise, undergrad students are added to the 411 group, but may opt-out.

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Customer Responsibilities

Official distribution lists are used to communicate information that is important to University business as determined by leadership, and sending authority to these lists is overseen by the Chief Information Officer.

Informational distribution lists are optional, and used to communicate news and events by community members.

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