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Description of Service

IMT Document Solutions seeks out and delivers agile productivity solutions and services to meet work group needs related to document workflow and collaboration. We are consultants and partners who provide sustainable customer service in a Christ-like manner. 

Solutions we provide include, but are not limited to:

    • Business process analysis as it pertains to document workflow or document management (as it currently exists in either paper-form or electronic).
    • Since 2000, we have partnered with departments to archive their operational documents in an electronic format. These documents are retrievable online at Imaging/archival services may be integrated with other solutions.
    • Electronic fax and electronic signature solutions [See HelloSign and HelloFax]

Benefits of Our Services:

    • Less time spent filing, finding, transporting & handling paper.
    • Save precious office space & eliminate file cabinets.
    • Are you mobile or is your team located on different areas of campus? Securely retrieve & promote team collaboration with your documents anywhere online at!
    • Improved internal operations & customer service.
    • Reduced response times allow staff & faculty to allocate resources to other core activities that benefit our students.
    • Security. Visualize Ark as a "digital" file cabinet where only designated users have "digital" keys with specific permission levels to view and share certain documents.
    • Business continuity. Electronic documents are safe from general wear & tear and accidental misplacement.
    • Environmental. Minimize the need to print paper to share documents. Multiple users can view the same document online.


Link to Service

IMT Document Solutions Site


yes.jpg Faculty

yes.jpg Staff

no.jpg Students

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IMT Document Solutions serves the staff and faculty within the APU Community.


Requesting Service

    • Users or departments solely interested in scanning their paper content or archiving their electronic content in Ark (the University’s repository) may fill out this service inquiry form.
    • All other consulting requests may be directed to (please reference IMT Document Solutions in the subject line) or by calling IMT Support at x5050.

A member of the IMT Document Solutions team will respond to your inquiry for both of the above methods.

Help for Service

You may request help for service by

  1. Completing and submitting this Ticket for IMT Document Solutions,  
  2. Emailing or
  3. Calling x5050 for ticket creation.  
  4. A member from the IMT Document Solutions team will contact you for further assistance

Customer Responsibilities

 Customer responsibilities are dependent on the service/solution provided and may vary.

Service Level Agreement

 Service Level Agreements are customized to the service/solution provided and may vary.

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