Dialpad - New Classroom Phones

As of June 2023, we have begun to replace the Classroom phones with Dialpad compatible physical phones. This upgrade is aimed at improving communication infrastructure and ensuring a more reliable and efficient system for both faculty and students. However, please note that there will be some limitations during the initial phase of implementation.

During the summer transition period, it will be necessary to dial the full 10-digit number to make calls. To facilitate this process and make it more convenient for you, we will be implementing speed dial buttons on each phone. These buttons will provide direct connections to the following areas:

  • University Operator
  • Campus Safety
  • Directory
  • Facilities
  • IMT Support Center

Rest assured, you will retain the ability to dial 911 from the phones as you normally would, ensuring emergency services can be reached.



  • Do I need to dial 9 or 7 before dialing out?
    • No.
  • Can I call a classroom directly?
    • Yes, the direct dial number is listed on the Home Screen of the Phone.
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