Dialpad FAQ

What is Dialpad?

Welcome to Dialpad, the most modern business communications platform.

Dialpad is a cloud-based communication platform that provides business phone systems, video conferencing, and team messaging capabilities. It allows users to make and receive calls, send messages, conduct video meetings, and collaborate seamlessly across various devices, including desktop and mobile.

Dialpad offers advanced features such as text messaging, call analytics, integration with other productivity tools, and AI-powered voice intelligence for transcription and analysis. It is designed to improve communication efficiency and enhance collaboration within organizations.

Check out this video for a quick overview!

Who is eligible for a Dialpad account?

To qualify for a Dialpad license, it is required that you hold a full-time position as an Azusa Pacific University employee.

Why are we switching to Dialpad?

APU is currently relying on a legacy Cisco platform that lacks essential modern features and presents challenges in terms of manageability and future scalability.

Due to the post-pandemic era and remote work becoming the norm, companies require a reliable and flexible communication system enabling a more flexible and productive workforce that can collaborate seamlessly from any location.

When will this transition happen?

The official launch date for the university is still pending confirmation, but it is targeted for mid-August to ensure a seamless transition before the commencement of the Fall semester. In preparation for this, the implementation of Dialpad will be carried out in stages, with the initial rollout beginning in June 2023.

Classroom phones will be replaced during the summer '23 semester. 

How will we access/use Dialpad?

The best way to access/use Dialpad is through a supported web browser on your APU-issued computer or laptop. This web-based interface, known as a softphone, eliminates the need for a physical desk phone. Furthermore, the Dialpad desktop app will be automatically installed on all APU-issued computers, ensuring convenient access. You'll also be able to access Dialpad through a web browser by visiting and logging in with your APU credentials

Are we expected/required to use personal mobile devices and/or computers?

No. While it provides convenience, please note that downloading the Dialpad app on personal devices is optional. Employees have the discretion to decide whether they would like to install the application on their personal devices or not.  Please see this article for more information on downloading the app.

Will I be able to keep my physical phone?

All legacy Cisco physical phones will not be kept and will be picked up by IT eventually. Certain individuals/departments may be given new Dialpad compatible physical phones. APU has a limited amount of these new Dialpad compatible phones so they will be reserved for special circumstances.

What is going to happen with classroom phones?

Classroom phones will be switched to a compatible model this Summer 2023.

Will our Department be responsible for purchasing new headsets?

Dialpad is compatible with any audio devices (including USB & Bluetooth headsets) that connect to your computer or cell phone.  IT highly recommends that you use a headset for your computer instead of using the built-in speaker/microphone.  If you already have headsets you use for Zoom or other video conferencing, they will work great.

If you require an additional headset, please have your department contact for IT purchasing needs, or swing by the Campus Store with your department’s budget line to purchase a headset.

Do I still need to press "7" when dialing a non-APU number?

No, when using Dialpad, there is no need to press "7" before dialing a non-APU number. You can simply enter the full number without any additional key presses. For example, if you want to dial "(555) 555-1234," just enter "555 555-1234" and it will be dialed correctly.

Will I be able to keep my current APU number that I use with Cisco?

Whether you can keep your current APU number depends on the type of number you have. If your number is a direct number that callers can reach without having to call the operator, known as a DID (Direct Inward Dialing), then you will be able to retain your number.

However, if your number is an extension-only number, you will be assigned a new number that functions as a DID. This means that callers will be able to call you directly without having to go through the operator first.




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