Using a Group Role Account with CougarLock

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  1. Introduction - Group Role Accounts & CougarLock
  2. Using a Group Role Account with CougarLock

1. Introduction - Group Role Accounts & CougarLock

Group Role Accounts are accounts that are not associated with a specific person.  Many departments utilize Group Role accounts to help streamline communication or workflows.  For example, IT's main help email is ""  This email address is not for a specific person, but rather serves as central place to receive all IT-related requests.


CougarLock is APU's Multi-Factor Authentication system.  In addition to your email and password, CougarLock requires a 6-digit code automatically generated by an app on your smartphone when logging in to a new device.  While this keeps hackers from accessing your account, it can also keep multiple coworkers from accessing the same group role account from multiple computers.  However there is an easy work around to allow access to multiple people.


2. Using a Group Role Account with CougarLock

Step 1: Enroll your Group Role Account in CougarLock

This can be done by going to and following these instructionsDo not proceed past step one of this process before reading Step 2 below

If your account is already enrolled, please contact the IMT Support Center to reset it so you can begin the enrollment process again.

Step 2: Print out your enrollment page

While enrolling in CougarLock, you will see a page that looks like this.

Press the "Print" button (circled in red above) to print out this page or save it as a PDF.  Then finish the enrollment process.

Step 3: Make your enrollment page accessible (but secure)

Scanning the QR code on this enrollment page with an MFA app will give anyone access to the same 6-digit codes to log into your Group Role Account.  Therefore, it is important to keep it both accessible to your coworkers, but secure from unintended people.  Some examples may include:

  • Keeping the page in a cabinet or drawer in an area only your coworkers have access to, such as someone's desk in their office.
  • Emailing the PDF to your coworkers and not keeping a physical page at all.

Step 4: Scan the QR Code with an MFA App

From here, your coworkers can scan the QR code from either the PDF or the printed page using an MFA App such as Google Authenticator or Authy.  This will create a new entry that will now generate codes for your group role account whenever they wish to log in.


For any questions, please contact the IMT Support Center by emailing  or calling 626-815-5050.

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