How to Locate Asset Tag


What is an Asset Tag?

APU Issued Laptop

APU Issued Desktop

Unable to Locate Asset Tag?

What is an Asset Tag?

An asset tag is a label placed on every APU issued device. The label will say "Azusa Pacific University" with a barcode, and a 5 or 6 digit number below it.


Depending on the device you have, the asset tag may be placed in a different location. 

APU Issued Laptop

  • Located on the bottom of the device. 


APU Issued Desktop

  • Located on the top or bottom of the computer


Unable to Locate Asset Tag?

  • If your Asset Tag is not legible, please provide the computer Name. Below are instructions for how to locate the computer names for Windows and Apple devices.

Windows 10 (HP): 

  1. Click the windows icon Microsoft windows icon - Picons Social | Free iconsin the lower left hand corner of screen 
  2. Right Click "This PC" or "Computer"
    1. mceclip10.png
  3. Click "More" > Click "Properties"



4. You should see a new window that says "About". On this page, locate the "Device Specifications"


Mac OS:

  1. Click the Apple in the upper left hand corner
  2. Select "System Preferences"The Apple Menu is open, System Preferences... is highlighted
  3. Click SharingThe System Preferences panel is open, and the third row has sharing highlighted
  4. Computer Name should be located at the top of Sharing WindowIn the Sharing panel, the name in the Computer Name field is circled


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