GroupMe Hacked - Users getting spamed


GroupMe is a popular mobile app that brings group text messaging to every phone. It is often utilized by classes, living areas, and other social circles.

GroupMe has been hacked as of January 3rd and is sending spam messages to its users and their contacts. Example of spam messages include:

  • Happy New Year! And a mysterious link that redirects you to a weight loss website
  • Someone asking you to send Bitcoin

What we recommend

IMT recommends that you uninstall the GroupMe app on your smartphone to prevent further spreading of the spam messages to your contacts until GroupMe has addressed the breach to their servers.

Work around

You can use the Google Hangouts app (iOS | Android) for all of your group messaging and direct messaging needs here at APU. All students, faculty, and staff will already have accounts and can easily be messaged using Google Hangouts.

We will update this support article as updates come out.


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