Keychain Pop-up

Keychain Issue

This article will assist with removing the Keychain password pop-up.

Method 1:

   1.  While holding down the option key, click on “Go” at the top of the screen

   2.  Click on Library, which now shows up when you hold the option key


   3. The following Window will open up in Finder, and you will need to locate the folder labelled                   Keychain.


  4.  Inside the Keychain folder, you’ll potentially find a lot of folders and documents with                               nondescript names.
       Highlight all of the contents of the Keychain folder and move it to the trash, BUT DO NOT                     DELETE THE ACTUAL KEYCHAIN FOLDER

       Refined: Delete everything INSIDE KeyChain Folder! Not the KeyChain Folder itself.


  5.  Once the contents have been moved to the trash, press and hold down the command key,                   and right-click on the trash icon. This should cause an option called Secure Empty Trash                     to appear. Click this and it should ask you if you want to empty the trash, proceed to empty the             trash.

       Refined: Right Click Trash Icon and then click ‘Empty Trash’


  6.  Restart Computer 

  Any questions, please contact the Support Center at 626-815-5050.


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