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Right Inbox is a tool that allows you to schedule emails to be sent later. Right Inbox is provided at no cost to the APU community.

Installing Right Inbox

Before you begin, close out of APU Gmail. Go to in Chrome, Firefox, or Safari.  Click on the green Install Now button to install Right Inbox.


Once installed, open APU Gmail and compose a new email message. You will now see additional options at the bottom of the New Message window.

Right Inbox Features

  • Email scheduling
    • With Right Inbox, you can schedule emails to send themselves at the perfect moment. You can write emails when you have time, but send them when they’ll actually be read.
  • Recurring emails
    • Time is valuable. Free up as much as possible by automating repetitive emails. If you send the same email several times a month, use Right Inbox’s Recurring Emails feature to take your time out of the equation.
  • Email reminders
    • With Email Reminders, you take a lot of the mental gymnastics out of following up and keeping track of conversations. Essentially, your inbox becomes a Smart Inbox, with email chains keeping themselves relevant to you based on specific triggers.
  • Private Email notes (Add Notes)
    • IMT recommends not using the Private Email Notes feature in Right Inbox.


Getting help for Right Inbox
Full Right Inbox demo - 8 min video
Email scheduling
Recurring Emails
Email Reminders


  • What if I use Outlook instead of APU Gmail?
  • Why was Right Inbox selected over Boomerang or other tools?
    • IMT went through an extensive selection process that included evaluating cost, security, features, and flexibility to work with APU’s needs. Several tools, including Boomerang, were evaluated in this selection process.  Right Inbox emerged as the best fit and best value for APU.
  • Do I have to use Right Inbox?
    • No.  Right Inbox is available to use free of charge.  If desired, you may choose to use another email scheduling tool.  Any expenses for other email scheduling tools are the responsibility of your department.
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    Dona Kachele

    This is AWESOME! Adds a feature I really missed about Outlook, and MORE!! YAY!

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