Configuring Google Drive Plugin for Microsoft Office On Your Chrome Device

Microsoft Office has the ability to connect directly to Google Drive as an option to save files. Note: Before proceeding, you need to be able to connect to WIFI, install and log into Citrix, and access Microsoft Office. Please see these articles if you have not done so:

Connect Your Chrome Device to APUWIFI

Configure Citrix For Your Chrome Device

Accessing Microsoft Office

The Accessing Microsoft Office article explains saving and opening files within Microsoft Office through the use of network drives however, Microsoft Office can also use Google Drive.

1. Open any Microsoft Office application, click File, click Google Drive and Sign in to Google Drive.


2. Type your full APU email address and click Next.


3. You will be redirected to the APU Sign-In Page. Enter your APU NetID and password to proceed.


4. You will need to allow access for Google Drive. Click on Allow to proceed.



5. The last screen confirms authorization. You can close out this screen and return to Microsoft Office.


6. Configuring Google Drive is complete. 




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