macOS High Sierra Update for APU computers

Apple has released the latest version of their operating system, macOS High Sierra. IMT has tested macOS High Sierra and found it to work well on APU’s network. There are limitations to your ability to upgrade to macOS High Sierra on your APU issued computer based on the type of computer you have and when your computer was issued.

APU issued Laptops issued before July 2017

IMT advises you NOT to upgrade to macOS High Sierra, doing so will lock you out of your computer and will require IMT intervention.

Why? - The encryption software that protects the data on APU issued laptops does not support macOS High Sierra at this time. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you.


APU issued Laptops issued after July 2017

We’ve placed macOS High Sierra as a featured download in the Self Service application for you. Just select that download and macOS High Sierra should begin downloading and installing.


Please note, you will want to take precautions before you upgrade your operating system to macOS High Sierra as this will make major changes to the underlying design of the operating system on your computer. We recommend backing up all important files and documents before beginning the installation. You can utilize Google Drive as an easy method of backing up your data.

Please allow TWO HOURS for the installation to download and install. Your computer will be unusable during the installation of macOS High Sierra, and you will need approximately 6GBs of available storage to download the update.


APU issued Apple Desktops

You are free to upgrade to macOS High Sierra. You will need approximately 6GBs of available storage to download the update.


More information on macOS High Sierra

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