Adding Printers Through Self Service Application


1. Open the Self Service App.


The Self Service icon should be in your dock (pictured above), but if it's not, you can easily search for it using spotlight search. (pictured below)


2. Click on the "Printers" category.


This will populate a list of all the printers available to you.

3. Select the Printer to install.  


You can click on the printer you need from the ones listed, but you'll need to know the printer name (pictured above). You can also search for the printer name in the search box from any location and click on it! (Pictured below)


That's it! You're finished!

If your printers aren't showing up, you may need to quit (Command + Q)  and restart your application. If you can't find the printer you need, or things don't seem to be working, please be sure to email us at

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