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Google Forms is a tool that is part of G Suite and is accessible from Google Drive. It can be used to create surveys, tests, or web input forms. Google forms allows anyone to create an easy to use webform, and tie it to a spreadsheet where you can track results and post it on the web without having to know programming.


Google Forms is part of the G Suite Apps and is free to use 


Overview of Google Forms 

Collect and analyze data

Survey tips and tricks

How to access Google Forms

There are several ways to access to Google Drive 

  1. From your Gmail browser tab, click on the application_launcher.png Application Launcher found at the top right corner of the page and find the forms.png Forms application icon.
  2. Or from your browser navigate to:

Learn More about Google Forms

Google Forms info

Google Forms Learning Center 

Google Forms use cases

  • Create a quiz for your class.
  • Take reservations for an event.
  • Collect data for surveys.

Service Notes

  • If you are planning on conducting a large scale survey we recommend you work with the Office of Institutional Research. They can assist you in creating your survey to receive maximum results.
  • Example: Surveying all students, all staff, or all faculty.

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