Microsoft Office on Citrix

You can now use Microsoft Office through Citrix without the need of a university-owned device. Microsoft Office through Citrix provides you with a large selection of versions to choose from.

This method of accessing office is ideal for Faculty and Staff who either need to use an older version of Microsoft Office or are on devices listed below:

  • Computers not owned by the University
  • Chromebooks
  • iPads
  • Android Tablets

To obtain the applications through Citrix, email the IMT Support Desk and request access to Microsoft Office through Citrix along with an explanation of why you want the programs. Example: "I need to make excel documents for work while using my iPad."

Once you have been given access you will then need to open a program called Citrix Workspace. This link will automatically determine your operating system for proper install. On some devices this is as easy as going to

If going to does not work then choose from the list of download below:

Once you are connected to Citrix Workspace you will presented with a login window.  Log in with your APU Credentials.


Once signed in there will be two icons on the top of the screen labeled Favorites and Apps.  If this is your first time signing in you will most likely not have any apps listed under favorites.  Click Apps to see the full list of applications you have access to use.  


At this stage you should see several different icons for several versions of Microsoft Office.  As of this article the most recent version of Microsoft Office is 2016.  In this example located Word 2016 and click "Details"


After clicking details you will see a button that will allow you to add the icon to your favorites.  


After clicking "Add To Favorites" Word 2016 will be available in the Favorites page.

When using Microsoft Office on Citrix, there are several places you can save documents.  Traditionally you could save documents to your department share drive or personal "L" drive.  On some devices it will redirect your local drive and allow you to save directly to the documents folder on your device.  The recommended method is to save documents to Google Drive.  On Office 2016 there is an option available that will allow you to open and save Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint documents directly to Google Drive.  

To open and save files directly from Google Drive start by opening Word, Excel, or PowerPoint from Citrix.  After creating a blank document locate the "Google Drive" option on the top Ribbon Bar.


Click "Save to Drive".  An error message will pop up telling you that you are not signed in.  Click yes to be directed to the sign in page.  Enter your APU email into the signup page.


This will redirect to the APU Sign in page.  Enter user APU username and password.  

Next you will see a message that the Google Drive plug-in would like to view and manage files in Google Drive.  Click Allow.

If everything went well you will be presented with this message: "Authorization has been granted successfully. You can close this page and switch back to the Google Drive plug-in for Microsoft Office."  

At this point you can close the sign in window and begin using Word, Excel, or PowerPoint.  The sign in step will be required for each of the three applications.  Once you have been signed in you will not be required to do so unless your password is changed.  

You should now be able to open and save Microsoft Office documents directly from Google Drive by using the Google Drive menu on the Ribbon Bar.  


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