Former Student Account FAQ

 1. What happens to my APU NetID when I graduate?
All students who had active accounts during the fall 2010 semester or attended anytime after that point are able to retain those accounts indefinitely. It is our intention to provide students continued access to their APU Network Account (APU NetID).


  • APU reserves the right to terminate access to individual accounts for any violation of APU policies or the terms of service of our providers.
  • Though it is our intent to continue service, APU reserves the right to stop offering the service for any reason. In such a case, we would make our best effort to communicate in advance and allow users time to export or transfer any data possible.
  • This only applies to accounts created during or following the fall 2010 semester (starting August 24, 2010). We do not have a way for former alumni to initiate an account at this time.
  • If a student becomes a staff or faculty member or vice versa, there could be an interruption in account access.

2. What services will I have still have access to?

  • University Portal (
  • APU G Suite - Google for Education

3. Will I still have access to my email address?
YES! It can be used as a professional email address for networking with contacts.

4. Will I still have full access to APU G Suite (Google Apps)?
YES! You will have full access to APU G Suite (APU Gmail, Google Drive, Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides, Sites and Groups).

5. What about my stuff in Google Drive?
All of your files and documents saved to your Google Drive will remain your property and you will have continued access to them going forward.

6. Will I still have to change my password every year?
Yes. You can change your password at any time (when you know your old one) using the Change My Password service. If you forget your password or let it expire, you can easily use our Account Recovery Service to reset it. Finally, if you need assistance, contact the IMT Support Center.

7. Who do I contact if I’m having trouble signing into or APU G Suite for Education (e.g., APU Gmail)?
Please contact the IMT Support Center.

8. I am an alumni, but never had an APU Google Account. Can I get one?
We are sorry, but we do not currently have a way for former alumni to request an account. We have been providing this service to students since the Fall 2010 semester.

However, you can still interact with the APU community through APU Connect.

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