Mapping a Network Drive - Chromebook / Chromebox

1. While signed into your Chrome Device click the App Launcher icon.  This is located in the bottom left corner similar to the start button in Windows.Screenshot_2017-04-04_at_7.43.30_AM.png

2. The Apps Launcher menu will appear.  Search for the files app and click it to open.Screenshot_2017-04-04_at_7.43.50_AM.png

3. If you have mapped a network drive on the current device before you can skip to step 6.  If this is the first time you have attempted to map a network drive then in on the left menu near at the bottom of the list click "Add new Services"


4. Click "Install new from the webstore"


5. A list of Available services will be displayed.  Scroll through the list until you find "Network File Share for Chrome OS".  Click Install to add this service.  This is what allows you to map network drives to ChromeOS.Screenshot_2017-04-04_at_7.53.49_AM.png

6. Now that the service is installed Click "Add new Service" again from the left hand menu.  Click "Network File Share for Chrome OS"

7. A Mount File Share window will be displayed.  For the Share Path add smb://apufiles/group$/IMT.  Substitute "IMT" with the name of your department share.

8. Click the "My file share needs a password" checkbox.  

9. Enter your APU credentials.  Be sure to click the "Store credentials" checkbox if you want the drive to map automatically next time you sign in. 

10. Repeat steps 6 through 9 to add either another department drive or to add your personal "L" drive.

11.  The path for your L drive will be smb://apufiles/user$/username.  Substitute username for your APU username.


12.  Once finished your network drives will be displayed on the left hand side of the Files app whenever you sign into your chromebook or chromebox.


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