How to setup the IMT FileMaker Server in FileMaker Pro 15

  1. Open FileMaker 

  2. Once FileMaker has completely opened, close the Get started page to reveal Launch CenterFMP15_01.png

  3. Click on the Hosts tab and then click on the buttonFMP15_02.png

  4. In the Host's Internet Address field enter one of the following addresses and click Save 
    (Academic Advising, CTLA, Graduate Psychology, APU Seminary, Office of Grants Management, Service Learning, and School of Music,)
    (School of Education, CSA, and Mexico Outreach)

  5. You will see all of the databases associated with the server address you enteredFMP15_04.png

  6. You can search for the database you are looking for by entering a search term in the search box located at the top right, or you can simply scroll through the databases 

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