Other Message Options and Tips

  • When you receive the voicemail greeting of someone on campus, you may by-pass listening to it by pressing 5.  This will allow you to leave a message without listening to the entire greeting.  This  information can be provided to your callers when recording your greeting.
  • You do not need to listen to all voice prompts while checking your voicemail.  If you know the selection, you may key it in at any time.
  • You can change the order in which you hear your messages.  You can hear the newest ones first (LIFO) or the oldest ones first (FIFO).  The system default is FIFO.
    • First In First Out (FIFO): from the main menu, press 4 2 5 1
    • Last In First Out (LIFO): from the main menu, press 4 2 5 2
  • You can also change whether you hear the message envelope information before or after the message, or on demand only.  The message envelope information is the name of the caller, when internal, and the date and time they called.  To access envelope information settings from the main menu, press 4 2 6.


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