Distribution Lists

Prior to setting up a distribution list, a special mailbox must be created for you by Telecommunications.   Please email the IMT Support Desk at to request a mailbox for a distribution list.  Be sure to include the name and extension of the user to sponsor the distribution list.

Once distribution list capabilities have been established for you by Telecommunications, you can setup your distribution list using the following instructions.

  • From the main menu, press 4 for "Phone Manager/User Options"
  • Press 2 for "Messaging Options"
  • Press 3 to "Change a Personal Distribution List"
  • Enter the mailbox number of the personal distribution list you would like to change (provided to you by Telecommunications)
  • To perform the following tasks, use these commands and follow the instructions given by the voicemail system:
    • To add members, press 1
    • To remove existing members, press 2
    • For a list of existing members, press 3
    • To record a name for this distribution list, press 4
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