Voicemail or Call Forwarding

There are two ways to Forward your APU issued Desk Phone to another number. This article will help you accomplish this. 1) If you are on campus and have access to your desk phone, you can set it up yourself. 2) Otherwise we have a form below you can fill out and we can do it for you.

1. If you are on campus


You can Forward All Calls right from your phone.




Forward All Calls to an external phone number

Press CFwdALL and enter 7 1 area code and the number, 71(XXX) XXX-XXXX 

Press CFwdALL

Forward All Calls to Another Ext*

Press CFwdALL and enter the ext

Press CFwdALL

Forward All Calls to Voicemail

Press CFwdALL and enter 3620

Press CFwdALL

 *When your calls are set to forward to another ext., the call will revert back to your voicemail if there is no answer.


2. If you are off campus

Please fill out the Call Forwarding Request Form, and IMT will set up a forward for you.


General Notes about Call Forwarding

While you can forward your existing APU Phone Extension or direct dial number to your new number, your outbound calls will use your new number, not your APU extension to callers.

Inbound calls that are forwarded through your APU extension will show the APU generic number (626-815-6000) rather than the source number of the caller.


Forward No Answer (Voicemail)

  • Office Cisco IP phones are automatically programmed to forward to voicemail when there is no answer. If the “no answer forwarding” needs to be changed, please contact the IMT Support Center at or 626-815-5050 to place a request.
  • If you receive a call while on the line, you will hear a call waiting indicator. If you do not answer the second incoming call, the caller will be directed to voicemail.


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