Creating a Standard Greeting

  • From the main menu, press 4 for "Phone Manager/User Options" 
  • Press 1 for "Personal Options"
  • Press 3 to "Record Personal Greeting"
  • Press 2 to record your "Standard Greeting"
  • The system will replay your current standard greeting
  • From this point, you have the following options
    • Press 4 to discard current recording
    • Press 2 to make a new recording
      1. To start recording, press 2. To stop recording, press 2 again
      2. To save this new recording, press 5
      3. To review this new recording, press 6
      4. To discard your new recording and re-record it, press 4

The system also offers a shortcut for recording your standard greeting.  This option does not play your current standard recording or the new greeting that you record, but it is a quick alternative to the above instructions:

  • From the main menu, press 4 for "Phone Manager/User Options".
  • Press 4 to record your "Standard Greeting"
  • Start recording your greeting at the tone.  To stop, press any key
  • Press # to save your recording or * to quit


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